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Palette Naturals® Aromatic Woods – 5 grams


Aromatic Woods MSDS


SIGNATURE NOTES – eucalyptus, siberian fir, camphor

ORGANOLEPTIC DESCRIPTION – camphoraceous, herbaceous, bracing, pine, forest, balsamic, clearing


Aromatic Woods MSDS

Aromatic Woods IFRA Declaration

Aromatic Woods Ingredient Listing

Aromatic Woods Natural Declaration

NOTE: Each blend is a 100% natural perfumery accord in compliance with the ISO9235 definition of aromatic natural raw materials, which may contain one or more of the following:
essential oils, absolute, CO2 extraction, molecular distillation, fraction or isolate of natural origin, infusion or tincture.

Comments from Miriam Vareldzis, founder of Palette Naturals:

“There is an Olfactive experience that many may not classify as ‘Woodsy’. The bracing, sinus-clearing experience when Eucalyptus meets Pine, momentarily calming you as the Pine melts into sweet resin, then waking you with a brisk slap of Camphor. These are the Aromatic Woods of the spa, sauna, hot bath, therapeutic soak, rejuvenating, detoxifying world of body therapies.  This is that accord.”



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