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Palette Naturals® Rich Floral – 5 grams


Rich Floral MSDS

OLFACTIVE FAMILY – floral spicy

SIGNATURE NOTES – ylang ylang, jasmin sambac

ORGANOLEPTIC DESCRIPTION – heady, sweet, floralcy, clove, spicy, balsamic, euphoric


Rich Floral MSDS

Rich Floral IFRA Declaration

Rich Floral Ingredient Listing

Rich Floral Natural Declaration

NOTE: Each blend is a 100% natural perfumery accord in compliance with the ISO9235 definition of aromatic natural raw materials, which may contain one or more of the following:
essential oils, absolute, CO2 extraction, molecular distillation, fraction or isolate of natural origin, infusion or tincture.

Comments from Miriam Vareldzis, founder of Palette Naturals:

“With the appearance of our Rich Floral accord, we have now entered the realm of Rubenesque Floralcy!  Immediately, this voluptuous scent envelopes you in Mother Nature’s Formula. I write these in capital letters because with only two flowers, Jasmine and YlangYlang, she hypnotizes us with more molecules than we could ever compose on our own. The Ylang is clean and fresh, while keeping it’s complexity; the Jasmine, dewy in it’s richness. The overall:  heady, sweet, spicy, slightly clove-y and euphoric.”



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