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Palette Naturals® Warm Spice A – 5 grams


Warm Spice A MSDS


SIGNATURE NOTES – cardamom seed, ginger, Brazilian pepper

ORGANOLEPTIC DESCRIPTION – sharp, peppery, dry, camphoraceous, sweet, sweet, clean warmth


Warm Spice A MSDS

Warm Spice A IFRA Declaration

Warm Spice A Ingredient Listing

Warm Spice A Natural Declaration

NOTE: Each blend is a 100% natural perfumery accord in compliance with the ISO9235 definition of aromatic natural raw materials, which may contain one or more of the following:
essential oils, absolute, CO2 extraction, molecular distillation, fraction or isolate of natural origin, infusion or tincture.

Comments from Miriam Vareldzis, founder of Palette Naturals:

“With our twin offerings in the Warm Spice family, I felt it was important to showcase the dramatic olfactive differences between ingredients within the same family.”

“Warm Spice A offers the sharp, peppery, camphoraceous, dry warmth of Cardamom Seed, Ginger and Brazilian Pepper.”

“While Warm Spice B is the counterpoint as a smooth, grounding, powdery-sweet, woody balsamic, Nutmeg-forward accord.”



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