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Delicate, Green, Floral…Acetal

Acetals are interesting compounds.   They are formed by combining aldehydes and alcohol (in this case, Hydroxycitronellal and Ethyl Alcohol).

Interestingly, acetals have historically been used in chemistry as a “protecting group” or something that masks the characteristic chemistry of a functional group because it interferes with another reaction.  Acetals are easy to add and remove, making them perfect “protectors.”

However in the case , HYDROXYCITRONELLAL DIETHYL ACETAL, is the primary product because perfumers have found a place for this delicate white flower note.  It is subtle but very valuable, and also not prone to reaction in your fragrance as Hydroxycitronellal might be.  Theoretically, your fragrance will last longer if you minimize the use of Aldehydes by using Acetals.