I offer up to 5 free samples with any order.*  Depending on the method of payment you choose in the cart, you may need to send me this list of samples via email (christine@perfumersupplyhouse.com).

These can be samples from the website AND/OR from this list below, which I add to all the time.  These latter items can be specially ordered but will likely require a minimum order (many are <1 kg min).

Please email me at christine@perfumersupplyhouse.com if you’d like a price.


Samples 1

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Samples 3

Not available for sampling

2-acetyl furan cis-3-hexenyl isobutyrate vetyrisia (Firmenich) L-muscone (Takasago)
acetoin (acetyl methyl carbinol) hexyl caproate zeppin
alcohol C10 (decanol) hexyl cinnamic aldehyde  florex civet tincture
alpha terpineol hexyl isobutyrate  tea extract co2 (kemun type) splendione
hydratropaldehyde dimethyl acetal  coranol  Auram Bases
benzaldehyde  Koumalactone trifernal sambac jasmin
beta ionone pure jasmorange hexyl salicylate rose petals
 habanolide citroasis base 184040D (Firm) saxony thyme base
bromelia crystals magnolys E starfleur 40 geosmin
maltol isobutyrate raspberry ketone natural natural santalol
castoreum synth. (Firmenich 184004) bergamote 000136 (Firm) Musk r1
cedroxyde turkish rose absolute
cetylia base B muguesia benzyl phenylacetate civet absolute pure
 strawberry furanone (furaneol), Natural vertoliff  Rose de mai Signature (Firmenich)
myrac aldehyde
mysore wood base (firmenich) aldehyde c18 (gamma nonalactone)
 ethylene brassylate nerolidol natural cocoa colorless 95% mpg 918805
cis-3-hexenol natural nerolione cedarwood oil alaska
 citroasis base 184040D bay oil terpeneless
cornmint terpeneless  galbanolene super
oranger crystals Lime leaves
para-cresyl phenylacetate
delta dodecalatone phenirat pamzest
dewfruit R base phenyl ethyl acetate phenylacetaldehyde (85% in PEA)
diethyl malonate pink pepper oil reunion (1% in EtOH) parsley oil
dimethyl phenyl ethyl carbinol pink pepper SFE reunion (1% in EtOH)
dipentene 38 PF precyclemone B
para-tolyl aldehyde
 ethyl lactate natural
ethyl linalool rosessence 000193 GB (Firm)
ethyl 2-methyl butyrate (takasago) rosessence 184022
florantone T (Takasago)  pamplocoeur
gamma decalactone
gamma dodecalactone natural  polysantol
gamma hexalactone thyme oil red zigis type
gamma octalactone trans-2-decenal
gardenol veloutone
helvetolide verdyl propionate