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I offer up to 5 free samples with any order.*  Depending on the method of payment you choose in the cart, you may need to send me this list of samples via email (
These can be samples from the website AND/OR from this list below, which I add to all the time AND MADE AVAILABLE MOSTLY FOR CURIOSITY PURPOSES.   Please do not ask me to choose your samples.
The items on this page MAY BE ABLE TO BE be specially ordered but will likely require a minimum order (many are <1 kg min).
Please email me at if you’d lAbout WordPressike a price.

Free Samples List

acetaldehyde diethyl acetal

alcohol C10 (decanol)

aldehyde c12 (lauric aldehyde) 

aldehyde c11 MOA

allyl caproate

allyl cyclohexyl propionate 

alpha phellandrene synthetic 

alpha terpineol natural (NEW!)

Amyl acetate – NEW!

Apple Natural (Robertet)- NEW!

bay oil terpeneless

Benzyl acetone

benzyl benzoate natural 

Benzyl Formate

Caproic acid Deironized 

Cinnamyl Propionate 

Carvone Laevo – New

Citronellyl Butyrate 

Civette Synth 184014 (Firm)- NEW!

Clove Bud Oil (Robertet) – NEW!

cornmint oil with terpenes


cyclozonal (cyclemone A)

Frankincense Oil (Robertet) – NEW!

gamma decalactone- NEW!

geranyl butyrate 

geranyl caproate (hexanoate)

Guavanate (Bedoukian) – NEW!

hexyl cinnamic aldehyde- NEW!

hexyl salicylate

Hydrofleur (Bedoukian) – NEW!


Isovaleric Acid 

Majantol (Symrise) – NEW!

methyl 2-butyric acid

Methyl Heptenone Extra 

Methyl Phenyl Acetate FCC 

Myrrh Oil (Robertet) – NEW!

Myrtle Oil (Robertet) – NEW!

ocimenyl acetate

Octyl Acetate

Opoponax Oil – New!

Patchouli Oil Light (Robertet) – NEW!

Peru Balsam Oil Extra – NEW!


phenoxy ethyl isobutyrate (NEW!)

phenylethyl alcohol- NEW!

phenyl ethyl salicylate

Phytyl Acetate

Pink Pepper WW SFE (Firm) – NEW!

Raspberry Natural (Robertet)- NEW!

Rosemary Oil Spanish- New!

Rosemary Oil Tunisia- New!

Styrallyl Alcohol (Phenyl Methyl Carbinol)

Thyme Oil Red (Robertet) – New!

Tonquitone PCMF DEPR – NEW!



Alpha Irone

Ambergris Tincture (Any)

ambrette oil fractions

beeswax abs

Elderflower Abs

Fir Absolute


hyraceum absolute (firmenich)

Leather Oud

Liatrix Abs

melonal natural

methyl jasmonate

L-muscone (Takasago)

Musk r1

narcisse abs

neroli moroccan organic

Nootkatone 98

orange flower tunisia co2

Orris butter

Oud Maleki

Rose de mai Signature (Firmenich) 

rose petals

rum co2 extract jamaican

sambac jasmin 

santalol natural

saxony thyme base 


tonka bean absolute

tuberose abs

turkish rose absolute

Vanilla Absolute Organic

veratraldehyde nat

White Pepper CO2


*items in red are not available as samples.