Note: I will be traveling to Athens, Greece for the IFEAT conference from Sept 22-29. All orders received during that week will be shipped week of Oct 2.

February Updates and Useful Links

I just returned from a trip to NJ where I took a one day (abbreviated) class taught by Dr. Robert Pappas of Essential Oil University. Th class was called The Chemistry of Essential Oils. My experience as an analytical chemist made it more of a refresher but it was very informative as it relates to essential oils and particularly aromatherapy. You can watch the full 12 week course here on You Tube. Podcast/BroadcastsIf you missed the live broadcast with Kevin Verspoor last month, I will be publishing it as my next podcast episode this week. You can also view it here on Blab.  More coming with Kevin and other guests very soon!
New Products! Elderflower Absolute (Firmenich) (While supplies last!!)- I have been selling this one for a while off-website but it is now available to buy in the store. It is a wonderful product with a sweet, hay, dry fruit and tobacco-like odor, also floral, fruity and honey-like. Turkish Rose Absolute from Robertet, is a clear, orange color obtained from rose damascena with a lovely aroma. One of the more affordable natural rose products! Civettone (Pre-Order) from Firmenich is a white crystalline product and the synthetic form of a component of Civet Absolute.  It is musky and sensuous and an excellent fixative with good tenacity. Mysoral (Synarome) – Not to be confused with the Firmenich captive aka Firsantal, this is an excellent synthetic rendition of the Sandalwood Mysore Oil with an emphasis on the spicy and resinous notes found in Sandalwood. Vetiverol ex Vetiver Haiti (Ventos) – Warm, sweet, woody, one of the best parts of vetiver oil. Natural Citronellol ex Citronella Oil – A floral, rosy, sweet, citrus (lemon) aroma with green undertones. Natural Civet Tincture 3% in Organic Alcohol – This EXCLUSIVE PSH item uses a completely animal-friendly process with Civet from Ethiopia.  It has a lovely animalic effect which will add depth and sensuality to your fragrance. (Sample sizes only, please inquiry about larger quantities).
Facebook Some groups of interest for perfumers AND aromatherapists.. Perfumemaking Group (From the Yahoo forum)  This is a migration of the Yahoo forum entitled Perfumemaking. Essential Oil University  Dr. Pappas regularly updates this group with news about the chemistry of essential oils. Essential Oil Consumer Reports  This group exists for the purpose of the posting of analysis reports, and for people to pool their resources together so they can have analysis done on essential oils they believe are too good to be true or in general are adulterated.
Don’t forget to check out my SAMPLES page. I will be adding hundreds (yes, hundreds!) more that I now have cataloged and organized. Remember, you get FIVE FREE SAMPLES WITH EVERY ORDER! Also –> If you leave a review for a product, I will send you a coupon for 10% off your entire order! (Limit two per customer) Bye for now!