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Fragrance Creation Wheels for YOU

Here are two New and one old free Fragrance Creation wheels for your Enjoyment, Understanding, and Use.  

We hope they’re helpful and educational too…

Prepared and Posted by Paul Kiler , PK Perfumes

You should be able to right click on the wheels from this page, (without making them bigger by clocking on them), and then you can save them as large and full sized as I made them for you…   🙂

Chemia Fragrance Wheel


Lebermuth Fragrance Wheel


This is ostensibly a very old Drom Fragrance Creation wheel, my preliminay research states 1911.  Which seems plausible, because of the inclusion of Musk Absolute  (WOW!)  I have reworked it so that it now much more readable and legible.  If you want the original hard to read version, just google for it.

Drom Fragrance Wheel BIG

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