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Introducing Farnesene, a beautiful and versatile ingredient…

We are pleased to report the addition of FARNESENE, a mixture of isomers, manufactured by Bedoukian Research.  The term farnesene refers to a set of six closely related chemical compounds which all are sesquiterpenes. α-Farnesene and β-farnesene are isomers, differing by the location of one double bond.

Farnesene has a beautiful and versatile aroma. It has been compared to that of magnolia flowers 


and having citrusy notes with green, woody, vegetative odor with hints of lavender.  


The natural version of Farnesene is found in significant quantities in Chamomile Oil.


Surprisingly, its contribution to beer is significant for aromatic qualities too!

Due to heavy sales volume, fulfillment time is currently 7 to 10 days. Please take note of this prior to placing your order.