Note: I will be traveling to Athens, Greece for the IFEAT conference from Sept 22-29. All orders received during that week will be shipped week of Oct 2.

Some Wonderful Takasago Synthetics

We are now offering several excellent selections from Takasago, some using award-winning technology. takasago logo L-Citronellol – A fresh, clean, fresh and natural rosy note. L- Muscone (for a limited time only!) – The key component of musk, this synthetic version has a sweet, powdery, animalic aroma. Sauvignone 100 – 5-mercapto-5-methylhexan-3-one – 100ppm in triethyl citrate – earthy, green, catty or buchu-like. Urine notes most useful in cassis/blackcurrant applications. Oxalide T – 1,8-dioxacycloheptadecan-9-one – A rich animalic but soft musk note excellent for enhancing a floral or amber accord.