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Page of Awesomeness

The Perfumer’s Organ

Here are several selections from our community of independent artistes.  If you’d like to add yours, please send me a photo.




Links We Like!

A Way with Words

pia long

I am an avid reader.  In any given summer, I could read twenty books, mostly non-fiction like Malcolm Gladwell, but with a sprinkling of fiction from Stephen King and Paul Coelho.

About six  months ago,  around the time I started building Perfumer Supply House, I discovered Pia Long’s blog VOLATILE FICTION and I must say…she blew me away.  Pia has a way of writing that ranks right up there with the greats.  Her latest post from August 25 entitled:

Why is the fragrance industry so secretive?

is insightful and fair, a lot like a teacher making sure her students understand the topic.  She provides information in a clear and understandable way, and leaves us all with a call to action that is hard to resist.

Pia will be featured in the October episode of my new podcast WONDAROMA so please subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, which should be available on soon.

Paul Kiler - PK Perfumes small

“19 Awards in the first 12 Months”

Paul Kiler appreciates beauty, art and nature both in his photography and in his perfumery.  His desire to achieve “complex, enigmatic and luxurious” scents prompted him to begin a journey into the world of perfumery, one which would take him years to develop.

Paul now makes his fragrances available to everyone, and only uses the finest materials sourced all over the world.  These creations are extraordinary, one-of-a-kind MASTERPIECES, but don’t take my word for it.

In the first ten months of business, PK Perfumes has now won 19 awards,  10 of which were from a National Judges Panel.  Five Awards came from the  San Francisco from the March 2013 Artisan Fragrance Salon event, and received four awards at the September 2012 Los Angeles Artisan Fragrance Salon event.  The Gold Award for “Best Aroma”, a Silver Award for “Best in Salon”, and two Bronze awards for “Most Unique”, and “Most Seductive Scent”.

You can read Paul’s blog, and purchase his perfumes at

UPDATE: PAUL is featured on our first episode of WONDAROMA, a new flavor & fragrance podcast.

Ainslie Walker wins Australian Jasmine Award 2014!

ainslie jasmine award

More specifically, she has won for BEST BLOG POST ON FRAGRANCES which is for the best personal blog post on fragrance published online.

Read her story here!  And here is her award-winning blog:

Ainslie Walker is a valued part of our active online community

Yahoo Groups – Perfumemaking

Jeroen Sparla - The Big Secret

Jeroen Sparla has many talents.

His latest journey started five years ago… a journey of scents which developed eventually in   creating perfumes.   He is also an accomplished cook, photographer and painter.

You can contact Jeroen for Custom-made fragrances by clicking here.

Jeroen also shares formulas, accords and recipes on his website called The Big Secret.  I encourage you to subscribe to his newsletter to receive these regularly!

Perfumer and Consultant for a living…

Hedonist by choicechrisbartlett

Most artisan perfumers who spend time on Yahoo Perfumemaking Group or Basenotes DIY Forum will know Chris Bartlett.

Chris is a well-respected authority in the area of perfumery and has provided a wealth of information on these forums and on his blog Pell Wall Perfumes where he offers up his own collection, as well as classes, kits, and other nuggets of wisdom.

We encourage you to sign up to his mailing list!

What SHOULD Men Smell Like??

Perfume aficionado Clayton Ilolahia reviews fragrances on his blog:


A collector of perfumes, Clayton is an Australian-based perfume collector and writer. Educated in New Zealand, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in visual arts before migrating to Australia. It was there his interest in the visual arts broadened to olfactory arts following a serendipitous encounter with the world of niche perfumery in 2004.

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  1. The perfumers supply house site is great for not only looking at all the wonderful offerings but the stories and links are a bonus! But got me off track so I will have to come back tomorrow to place my order!
    Thanks for all the info you share


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