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Jasmin Base (Firmenich 184165)

5.00 out of 5
(3 customer reviews)




Odor Description – fresh jasmin,  aldehydic,  sweet, hyacinth



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Odor Description – fresh jasmin,  aldehydic,  sweet, hyacinth



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3 reviews for Jasmin Base (Firmenich 184165)

  1. 5 out of 5


    My love of jasmine is match by this jasmine base its so perfect for perfumery .

  2. 5 out of 5

    Incredible, heady but also ethereal jasmine. Just the right, light touch of indole nuances. I’ve not used it yet, but it looks like the most promising synth base I’ve come across yet to replace the real deal. Even better, I’d hazard a guess.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Eric Valentino

    Christine sent me a sample of this with my very first PSH order last year, and it was neat, because back then, I had avoided bases, reconstructions, and synthetic ”total” alternatives like the plague.

    Background. Regarding absolutes, I dislike jasmine grandiflorum, I love jasmine sambac. I’m very selective with what jasmine synths I reach for, too. This base is very much a grandiflorum take, but all the nuances that I find unpleasant have been filtered out. It’s sticky sweet, like the absolute, but it lacks the conspicuous bubblegum facet, replacing it with an almost sheer, milky creaminess that, beleive it or not, has some serious Mysore sandalwood quality to it.

    In fact, a drop applied neat on skin, for the first couple minutes, this blooms into something I’d sooner guess was an attar of jasmine grandiflorum over a lovely Mysore oil. Incredibly naturalistic, but through a lense giving it the quality you’d want jasmine to have IN a perfume, rather than simply neat jasmine absolute. Pre-refined, if you will. Shortly after, that milky sandalwood quality starts to transform into a more transparent “white” sheerness, akin to high-cis Hedione on steroids. Incredibly heady and narcotic, becoming creamy, much like magnolia or white champaca. Further into its drydown, those creamy white magnolia nuances become about level with its jasmine character.

    It has presence and diffusion, but it isnt weighty or bombastic. It will still overtake a formula if not dosed with a steady hand, and, if used entirely on its own for a jasmine note, will deliver, but more so in the context of an approachable, simplistic, mainstream and linear jasmine accord. That will be perfect for some people’s needs, however, for the ones who prefer to keep the emphasis on naturals, this serves much better as a modifier, either to lift and give radiance and sweet, refined elegance to grandiflorum naturals, or to soften and tame sambac naturals, and lend a bit of…approachability, if you willd inviting just a touch of grandiflorum’s sweet innocence to sambac’s kinky little dungeon, without further emphasizing anymore indolic or dewy character by further adding grandiflorum absolute to sambac.

    Effective in trace to lend a Hedione family “style” note (not quite as a spacer or bridge, but providing that sheer, vague white floralcy with a hint of lactonic sweetness), into overdose, for a “complete” refined, elegant, very approachable jasmine note.

    A very “complete” material, as expected from a Firmenich floral base.

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