PWx Factor (Perfumer’s World Exclusive!)


PWx Factor MSDS

Odor: Faint solventy odor.

Effect: According to Perfumer’s World, this complex base of musk and woody compounds is used as a fixative that enhances odor. It works by adding a layer in the fragrance below the odor threshold without imparting a specific odor. It stimulates a complex maturation effect in a perfume compound without changing the basic odor type or needing time to mature.  It is described as the “MSG” of fragrances.

Recommended Usage:  1% in most fragrances, o,1-0.5% in citrus fragrances and up to 5% in heavier fragrances like oriental, chypre, wood. fougere and masculine scents.

Contains Dipropylene Glycol (DPG)

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