Ambergris Tincture 10%- Irish Marbled


Ambergris Tincture MSDS RPG

Manufacturer – The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

CAS 8038-65-1  Food Grade (2018 Tincture)

Odor –  Complex Amber / Marine / Tobacco / Seaweed scent

NOTE that 1 oz of these Ambergris Tinctures are suitable for making 1 Gallon (3.74 L) finished fragrance


And other specialized naturals.

Please remember that Items in the store such as AMBERGRIS are NOT SUSTAINABLE.  There is only a limited amount in nature and therefore once the item runs out we can no longer supply that specific quality.  We can supply a similar quality with the same provenance (in most cases), but new lots WILL NOT BE IDENTICAL.

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