Clearwood (Firmenich)™


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CAS#0084238-39-1  – Firmenich description: Mixture of sesquiterpenes and alcohols present in patchouli oil.  More info below.

Contains Stabilizer: 0.05% of Tocopherol Alpha (E307)

Firmenich Odor Decription: Soft, clean version of Patchouli without the earthy, leathery and rubbery notes found in the natural oil.

Comments from Gary Marr, Master Perfumer at Firmenich:
“Clearwood™ is an intense and long lasting woody note, but at the same time, light and transparent. It differs from other dark woody notes by its simplicity and cleanliness. It brings great versatility and lends itself for use in every conceivable type of product fromHome Care to Fine Fragrance.”


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