• Delicate & Floral Turkish Rose Absolute

    There are many many natural rose products available to perfumers, however this particular one is not only affordable (only 600kg of petals needed for 1 kilo of absolute as opposed to 3500kg for otto), it is very versatile because it is not intrusive.      TURKISH ROSE ABSOLUTE It will work in harmony with other […]
  • A Hidden Synarome Gem…Mysoral Base

    I found an old Synarome logo that (I thought) was pretty cool for this blog post. We are now offering an enchanting base (MYSORAL BASE) from Synarome which is a relatively strong sandalwood note with spicy undertones.   It has been described also as resinous and some believe this is an attempt to mimic Firmenich’s […]
  • Some Wonderful Takasago Synthetics

    We are now offering several excellent selections from Takasago, some using award-winning technology. L-Citronellol – A fresh, clean, fresh and natural rosy note. L- Muscone (for a limited time only!) – The key component of musk, this synthetic version has a sweet, powdery, animalic aroma. Sauvignone 100 – 5-mercapto-5-methylhexan-3-one – 100ppm in triethyl citrate – earthy, green, catty […]
  • Spring Clearance Sale – 25% off many materials!

    Time for Spring Cleaning SAVE 25% ON 36 of our products through Saturday MARCH 12 ONLY!! Orders will be shipped during the week of March 14. Other notables: A brand new live evaluation series with professional perfumer Kevin Verspoor is coming soon and kits will be available for purchase. Sign up to the mailing list for […]
  • February Updates and Useful Links

    I just returned from a trip to NJ where I took a one day (abbreviated) class taught by Dr. Robert Pappas of Essential Oil University. Th class was called The Chemistry of Essential Oils. My experience as an analytical chemist made it more of a refresher but it was very informative as it relates to essential oils and particularly aromatherapy. […]
  • Get 10% Off and other Updates!

    LEAVE A REVIEW ON PSH/ GET 10% OFF! Reviews are an excellent aid for who are trying to decide to buy a certain ingredient.  If you have purchased anything from Perfumer Supply House, or perhaps bought the same ingredient elsewhere and have an opinion about it, please consider leaving a rating and review on the product page. […]
  • PSH Website Relaunch – September 2015

    Link to Blog Here Dear Friends of Perfumer Supply House.  thank you for your patience while I made some changes to the website thanks to your feedback. Note that: You can now order multiple items from the SHOP page without having to “click away” from the page. You can sort products new ways including alphabetically AND […]
  • Tobacco & Leather Enhancer

      This is a powerful synthetic version of Tabanon, a compound which occurs in tobacco leaves, is manufactured by Symrise and some consider an especially important addition to tobacco & leather accords and fragrances. The following is courtesy of Symrise: Odor Description: balsamic, spicy, blond tobacco, aromatic Stability: body lotion (very good), shampoo/shower gel (very […]
  • Robertet’s Natural LISYLANG HEART

      Perfumer Supply House is pleased to be able to offer Robertet’s LISYLANG HEART for a limited time. Robertet describes it as follows: Lisylang Heart Fractionation then gathering of selected fractions of Ylang III from Indian Ocean. Odour: Very pure and clean white flowers bouquets with jasmine, Monöi, Frangipani undertones. Spicy Lily and gourmand Coco […]
  • And we are BACK!

    Thanks to all for your patience while I was abroad, I have now added updated pack sizes which will help reduce headspace in the bottles.  I have also added a larger 200g size. Some products also have dilutions available but I can certainly do custom dilutions as needed. As always, please let me know how […]