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Sniffapalooza Event Recap

What a hoot!   I had an amazing time at this Wine/Candy/Fragrance “Pairing” (or more accurately “Tripling”) Event last Sunday (8/17) at Back Label Wine Merchants  in NYC.   Karen Dubin and Karen Adams of Sniffapalooza hosted this event, assisted by Kelly Jones’ who presented her Kelly & Jones Notes of Wine Eau de Parfum Collection. Glyn and Kelly Jaime (aka … Read more

ALDRON – Sensuality In One Fell Swoop

Depending on who you ask, ALDRON from Symrise can be characterized as either woody or animalic, but no matter what it is for you, it will surely add a dose of sensuality to your fragrance.  It is also very stable in a variety of mediums such as lotions, shampoo and soaps.

Delicate, Green, Floral…Acetal

Acetals are interesting compounds.   They are formed by combining aldehydes and alcohol (in this case, Hydroxycitronellal and Ethyl Alcohol). Interestingly, acetals have historically been used in chemistry as a “protecting group” or something that masks the characteristic chemistry of a functional group because it interferes with another reaction.  Acetals are easy to add and remove, making … Read more

Lemon, With a Twist of Mandarin

I was very excited when my friend and PSH partner Paul Kiler informed me that Citrus & Allied now sells Meyer Lemon Oil.  I love lemon, but this beauty goes above and beyond and is the perfect lemon for fragrance.  Since it is a hybrid of Lemon and Mandarin, it has a wonderful combination of … Read more

A beautiful true jasmine

ZEPPIN® (Methyl epi-jasmonate) (Zeon) This version of Methyl Jasmonate is most like the true jasmine flower.  ZEPPIN® is an essential component of the Jasmin base and the other white floral bases like Lily of the Valley, Gardenia, Honeysuckle, etc.   It is also a good floral blender; also used in plum, peach, apricot and for delicate melon … Read more

Two New Isovalerates – Embracing the Berry

cis-3-Hexenyl Isovalerate Geranyl Isovalerate Two of our newest additions can give your fragrance a distinctive berry (particularly blueberry) note to fruity compositions. Each have a distinctive role, with the Cis-3-Hexenyl ester leaning more toward a greener, fresher berry.  The Geranyl ester has a floral profile, lending ripeness for a more jammy, cooked berry note. Both are fruity … Read more

You asked for it, and You’ve Got It! Hedione HC is here!

Hedione HC, also known as Methyl Dihydrojasmonate High Cis Isomer   Hedione is a material that was discovered by Firmenich researcher Edouard Demole as he was analyzing the composition of jasmine essence, and has become a staple of the fragrance industry dating back more than 50 years.  The high cis version has a strength far superior to that … Read more

Introducing Farnesene, a beautiful and versatile ingredient…

We are pleased to report the addition of FARNESENE, a mixture of isomers, manufactured by Bedoukian Research.  The term farnesene refers to a set of six closely related chemical compounds which all are sesquiterpenes. α-Farnesene and β-farnesene are isomers, differing by the location of one double bond. Farnesene has a beautiful and versatile aroma. It has been compared … Read more