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Orris Butter 15% Irone (Biolandes)

4.25 out of 5
(5 customer reviews)


SDS Orris Butter 15


Odor Description – A powdery, floral, green-woody, reminiscent of a violet flower.

Orris butter 15 – Technical Data Sheet

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SDS Orris Butter 15


Odor Description – A powdery, floral, green-woody, reminiscent of a violet flower.

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5 reviews for Orris Butter 15% Irone (Biolandes)

  1. 5 out of 5


    The earthy smell and dark ‘tannin’ of separating, or cracking open, all large flower bulbs; Tulips, Iris, Daffodils, etc. I would say it is a necassary ellement if you want to complete the base note ‘bouquet’ of a sophisticated floral perfume.

  2. 3 out of 5


    * I am going to leave two reviews this is just for odor profile.
    I like to think I am somewhat of a truffle smelling pig when it comes to orris butter and floral asolutes having adored,worked and sampled some of the finest for a decade. This is the first I have experienced from Biolandes. What struck me verses the dozens of Orris 8% 15% and 30% butters and concrete and absolutes I have worked with is it’s rather odd green mint note and feeling it has been a bit put on steroids a bit harsh and “overworked”. Everyone has there own perception and reviews should definitely be taken with a grain-Personally what I have been finding with these extractions from Robertet, Biolandes … is that through their wanting to pull longevity and potency from naturals they suck a bit of delicate softness and soul out of the material. As a natural perfumer it is this soft delicate nature that I am seeking not harsh chemical facets. I suppose when I see “absolute ” I do not want the steroid version. -This is just me the naturalist-certainly not the average…

  3. 4 out of 5


    Returning after a couple years of revisiting. I still consider this is a rather cleaned up Orris- but I would certainly not kick it outta bed for eating crackers. 🙂 -right now. I have it in a lovely decorative glass container where it provides an assisting base for many of my perfumes.
    It is not the somewhat mealy looking-off light tan, sumptuous sought after raw – more woody Costus type that is exorbitantly expensive Orris or the creamy lighter white divine co2. This offering that PSH supplies is a solid crumbly & waxy to touch (but easily dissolved in alcohol )-green top noted ethereal Orris whose cool Iris notes seemed pulled from the roots ether, rough edges softened, cleaned & made to behave. It’s like if commoner Orris butter 8% Eliza Doolittle got a refinement makeover by Henry Higgins big time aroma chemical company. “There there, now you are presentable Orris we got ALL the dirt off your roots and cleaned you up. Now go make perfumers swoon with delight and their perfumes smell elegant as I made you.”
    If you’re wanting something a bit more earthy and rough around the edges, I might suggest seeking out a smaller distiller, which is getting harder to do as they’re being bought up along with land. You naughty big companies. Please stop that. We artists want options in our olfactory paint palettes. I will though – happily buy this nicely priced Orris that loves to be blended with ambrette absolute which you can buy here as well.

  4. yaseen.alfatiha

    So, this was an exclusive gift from a friend, and now i have to buy a lot more!!! The tincture turned out to be soooo powerful!!!

  5. 5 out of 5



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